• On-Line Recycling of Edge Trim for Film Plant
    On-Line Recycling of Edge Trim for Lamination Plant
    Recycling System
    Waste Tape Grinder

Waste Tape Grinding Station

You can Bring down your Production Cost and Save huge Money… on Wastage, because practically there is no tape wastage in the factory, as all are going to be self Consume.

  • Maintenance Free & Compact Design.
  • Unique Grinding Device, which can cut both Un-Stretched and Stretched Tapes.
  • Most Powerful and Reliable with Low noise level.
  • Narrow particle size distribution

Recycling Plant

  • Low Power, Compact and Power full Plant.
  • Suitable for light, Semi dense & dense Material.
  • Specially designed Force Feeder System helps to process grind film, Raffia tape directly without Agglomeration.
  • Low RPM of Extruder Screw Increases the life of SCREW and BARREL
  • Screen Pack change over Alarm system.
  • Special designed die face Cutter and Water Separator
  • All water contact parts are of Stainless Steel
  • Lowest Running Power Cost.
  • Best Price to Performance Ratio.