TPPL offers complete range of Tape Extrusion Lines for High Quality Universal processing of PP / HDPE Tapes for a wide range of Applications such as FIBC / Jumbo Fabrics, Woven Bags, Geo and Agro Textiles, Carpet Backing, Fibrillated Artificial Grass, Wrapping Fabrics, Tarpaulins, Ropes, Twines and many more.

Our High Performance with High Speed Tape Stretching Lines are premium Quality with one Level Up Technology along with Cost Effectiveness. Our Machines are having excellent Price - Performance Ratio ( Best in Class ) and meets all latest International Standards. These are flexibaly made as per Customer Requirement for Optimum Efficiency.

We offer Two different Series of Tape Lines based on Stretching System. T-Rex Series offers Conventional Single Stage Stretching and Duo Stretch Series offers Two Stage Stretching, where the Tapes are primarily Stretched before passing through Hot Air Oven for Final Stretching, which improves Stability of the process and ensures smooth, efficient and High Speed working for Best Tape Properties.

Innovative Extrusion

Energy Efficient Extrusion Unit with Inline Mixer, Continuous filtering System Precise Flat Die.

Energy Efficient Oven

With step less Heating System & Static Eliminator.
Option : Hot Plate for HDPE Processing, Extra Length Equipments like Oven and Hot Plate.

Best Melt Quality

European Melt / Gear Pump. Delivers Pulse free, Accurate volume per rpm for low Melt flow variation.

Sleek Design

Stretching & Annealing Godet Unit with upto 400mm Diameter with Operational Safety Guard System.
Option : Heating Rollers, Extra Godet Unit, Fibrillator.

Best in Class

Italian, World Best Extender Gear Box perform most efficiently with lowest transmission / energy losses.

Perfect Winding

Inverter Driven winders with High Speed Operation Ensure Lowest Power Consumption.

Smart Operating

Touch Screen Control Unit. Easy to Operate, Real time display of Power consumption, output, Alarms and many more.

Advantages :

  • Melting capacity of up to 750 kg / hr.
  • Higher Machine / Line Speed upto 500Mtr/Min
  • Universal Processing of PP / HDPE
  • Optimum Tenacity Tapes with Low Denier Variation
  • Lower Energy Consumption wiht Simple Maintenance
  • Lowest Capital Investment per Kg Output Capacity
  • Ease of use with exceptional versatility
  • Out Standing cost efficiency

  • T-Rex Series
  • Duo Stretch Series

Model T-Rex 75 T-Rex 80 T-Rex 90 T-Rex 105 T-Rex 120 T-Rex 135
Screw Diameter (mm) 75 80 90 105 120 135
Max. Melt Capacity in PP ( Kg/Hr ) 250 275 350 450 600 750
Max. Melt Capacity in HDPE ( Kg/Hr ) 220 250 325 425 550 700
Max. Die Working Width ( mm ) 800/900/1000/1200/1300/1400/1500/1600/1800
Holding Unit  ( Godet ) 2/3
Stretching & Annealing Unit ( Godet ) 5/6
Max. Mechanical Line Speed ( Mtr / Min ) 350/450